Sound Wave Project


What Ethyn and I did was make a rap about sound definitions. The rap has 10 definitions of sound in it and the rest of the definitions will be created through a slide show which talks about them in Voice thread. The other part to this project we did was create a beat going to the rhythm of our rap. We recorded all of this through Garage Band.

Timeline/Procedure Schedule

 10/21  Caleb – Work on ideas for rap, Ethyn – help out with rap as well and explore beat possibilities
10/22 Caleb – Work on writing rap, Ethyn – work on other ways to get the rest of the music definitions included in the blog post
10/23  Caleb/Ethyn – Keep working on writing and forming rap
10/26  Caleb/Ethyn – work on forming rap and make sure it makes sense
10/27  Caleb/Ethyn – Record rap into microphone on garage band
10/28 Caleb/Ethyn – Edit rap sound and work on creating beats
10/29 Caleb/Ethyn – Finishing touches and working on presenting
10/30 Caleb/Ethyn – Present project


  • Amplitude – The magnitude of a sound wave decibel’s.
  • Bass – Audible frequency from 20 to 320 Hz.
  • Compression – smashing fast beats together to create fast sounds.
  • Decibel – A relative unit to measure the ratio of two quantities.
  • Equalization – A signal adjusting sound system  to change sounds.
  • Frequency – Number of times a sound vibrates in hertz a second.
  • Fundamental – The lowest frequency a sound source can make.
  • Harmonic – A multiple of the fundamental frequency.
  • Hertz – Unit of measurement for frequency.
  • Infrasonic – The range that is too low for humans to hear from 20 Hz and lower.
  • Midrange –  The frequencies between roughly 320 Hz and 2,560 Hz which is most affective to hearing.
  • Octave – The interval between two frequencies with a ratio of 2 to 1.
  • Phase – Factor in the interaction of one wave with another.
  • Pitch – The highness or lowness of a sound.
  • Sound Frequency Spectrum – The range of about 20 to 20,000 Hz.
  • Sound Wave – A vibrational disturbance that involves mechanical motion.
  • Treble – Frequency range between roughly 5,120 Hz and 20,000 Hz.
  • Ultrasonic – The range above the frequencies of human hearing which are 20,000 Hz and higher.
  • Velocity – Speed that travels in a certain direction.
  • Wavelength – The distance a sound wave travels.

Sound Wave Definitions Evidence

 The link above is a voice thread we made to cover the definitions in this project that we did not include in our rap.

This was the rap we made to our beat and uploaded it to Sound Cloud.

What I Learned

What we learned was how to use garage band and how to record with a microphone. We learned how to upload it to Sound cloud and embed it in this post. We know what all the sound definitions mean and how they work. We now know what we can do better next time we have a project like this. A problem we solved for this project was how to upload our music to sound cloud to get it into Edublogs.


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